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We would like to thank you for visiting our site and learning about dentistry and Dental on Louise. Our team will be happy to serve your dental needs in the most compassionate, caring and professional treatment that you want. We’ll be serving the surrounding communities and will be providing the highest quality dentistry has to offer, personalised to meet your individual needs.

Our highly trained and experienced dental professionals and staff will take the time to learn about your specific concerns and interests after which we can provide you and your family with the best possible dental care. Our team has dedicated their careers to creating confident, unforgettable and cheerful smiles on your faces.

•Small practice commitment
•Service excellence
•Skills and Technology

Small practice commitment

We assure you of transparent consultation, our patients are involved 100% in decisions regarding treatments. We will explain a number of treatment options and recommend the most appropriate to each patient’s requirements.

Service excellence

We assure you of the professional training that our dental professionals have undergone and the on-going training that they devotedly do with our Clinical and Hygiene Advisory Committee to provide you with the best possible dental treatment.

Skills and Technology

The skills of our dental professionals from years of training and experience, coupled with the advancement in modern dental technology allow each visit to be more accurate with reduced treatment time, increased comfort and fewer visits.